What will Merton support me with?

When you leave care, Merton Council will support you in the following areas.


Setting Up Home Allowance (SUHA):
Also known as Leaving Care Grant. This will be money towards furnishing your accommodation when you are fully independent.
For example, this could include:

  • A bed
  • A sofa
  • Cooker
  • Washing machine

Vacation Accommodation for those in Higher Education:
You should either get somewhere to live or help paying your rent.

Assistance with costs for education, employment and training:
Your Pathway Plan will highlight the support Merton may be able to offer you in these areas. This can include financial support. Discuss with your Personal Advisor.

There are many opportunities to apply for grants; this is money that you need to qualify for but would not need to pay back.


Join us at the Children in Care council; have your say about things that matter to you and have the opportunity to get the Council to make positive changes to the support care leavers get.  Here's when we meet and where here

Comments or Suggestions?

RESPONSE: I had a response from the folks at Merton regarding more SHA funds for a 2 bed property; 'The amount would not be increased for a two bedroom as it is for a care leaver ‘per person leaving care’ when their status changes from looked after to an adult, it is to assist with their transition from provided accommodation where their home is furnished to their own which is not'.

If you do have a child and you are moving to a two bedroom (or even a one bedroom flat) there are some excellent grants that you can apply for.  One that springs to mind is Buttle who can help with beds and furniture for children:  https://www.buttleuk.org/areas-of-focus/beds-for-kids.  Or have a look at Turn2Us to see if you would qualify for any others https://grants-search.turn2us.org.uk/
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 RESPONSE: Sorry for the delayed response - thanks so much for using the comment option.  I will ask the folks at Merton Council your question and get back to you on here as soon as I hear..... I will monitor this more closely so feel free to post - I will respond! 
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What if you are a care lever moving into your first flat provided by Merton and that flat is a two-bedroom because you have a child, would you get more on the setting up home allowance considering the setting up home allowance is for a one bedroom flat and surely you would need more money for a two-bedroom.
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